The Department of Public Health, Division of Preventive Medicine, Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Medicine

Professor Akiko Tamakoshi

Graduate of the School of Medicine, Nagoya University and Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine Professor in the Department of Public Health, Hokkaido University, Graduate School of Medicine since April 2012.

Former Associate Professor in Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, Clinical Trial Control Manager at the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, and Project Professor in the School of Medicine, Aichi Medical University

The goal of the Department of Public Health is to produce evidence to help realize a society in which all people, from unborn babies to the elderly, including those who are healthy and those who are suffering from diseases, can live physically and mentally healthy lives; and to translate this evidence into practical activities and the design of social systems. To achieve this, we implement epidemiological studies, specifically long-term follow-up studies and intervention studies on factors causing health problems, in order to propose preventive measures.

These include: psychosocial factors, occupational factors, habitats as well as lifestyle factors, such as smoking, drinking and diet, etc.; in addition to individual genetic backgrounds. Regional factors such as living environment, access to medical resources, etc., also impact the health of local people. Health problems that are focused on include: overall mortality, diseases (such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc.), diminishment of activity and motivation, decline in health prompting need for nursing care, medical costs, and other indexes.

The Department of Public Health aims to establish a field of study in Hokkaido that can respond to a variety of social needs, by developing a system in which members of the department can pursue their research and take full advantage of their particular expertise.

It is important to accumulate evidence that can contribute to the treatment of diseases, and prevent the aggravation of diseases among Japanese people, based on the results of appropriate clinical studies on people already suffering from diseases. The mission of the Department of Public Health includes offering support for the planning, implementation and analysis of clinical studies, as well as assisting with the ELSI (ethical, legal and social issues) required for appropriate studies on humans. The Department of Public Health is always ready to collaborate with clinicians in the above-mentioned epidemiological studies, and to cooperate in clinical studies initiated from problems arising in clinical practice.

The long-term cooperation of a wide range of people is requisite for public health research and practical activities. Nothing can be achieved simply by sitting in a lab. Thus, the Department of Public Health emphasizes the pursuit of public health research through visits to a wide range of sites, such as administrative sites, industrial health sites, etc., so that research can take place while communicating directly with those on site and at the same time utilize the results for the benefit of society.

The Department of Public Health is looking for individuals from various backgrounds to carry out research from a wide range of angles. Collaboration, not only with medical professionals such as doctors, public health nurses, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, etc. but also with specialists such as managerial dieticians, clinical psychologists, social welfare workers, etc., as well as sociologist, lawyers, economists, etc., is essential.

We welcome those wishing to join us. 
(July 2012)

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